Kelly Evan Love Soul


If there is one thing I know we have in common, it’s that you just want to feel better. You're searching for answers. You’re tired of western medicine and all of it’s crazy side effects. You’re looking into all things magical and “woo woo” because, well, nothing else has worked.  Am I right? This was my story for years. I couldn’t get rid of the constant worry and fear that plagued my mind. Not to mention the stressed out, constant heavy ass figurative brick that seemed to always be stuck on my chest making me susceptible to a melt down freak out episode at any moment. Struggling with PCOS, I’ve dealt with hormone mood swings, chronic unexplained abdominal pain, and even fertility issues. Topping all of that off, I also was addicted to drugs. Talk about a mess! I tried everything and anything to get help for my issues, but it felt like the never-ending battle.

Hi! My name is Kelly Evan Smith and I am Kelly Evan Love Soul.



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