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If you’re here on this page, I first off want to congratulate you on making this decision for yourself! Someone who wants more for their life, someone who is wanting to overcome their life obstacles so they can be of service to others…that is EXACTLY who I want to welcome to my tribe.

When I decided to go on this journey, I had just announced to the world that I was DONE with direct sales. I was ready for my dreams to finally have “not worked out”.

I was honestly never going to try this stuff…and when I reluctantly gave it a whirl… I looked at my husband and said “OMG, BABE we have to go all in with this!”


CBD changed my life THAT much.


Because of that one decision to let my dreams be slightly bigger than all of my fear of being successful in this industry, I am here to tell you my life is dramatically different and I’ve been able to, gratefully, help thousands of people.


When you join my team, you get access to:

  • ALL my training. I teach you everything I know. Social media, the business, personal development…I gotchu.

  • Your own replicated Illuminent Website.

  • Our corporate partner FB Group

  • Our Team Illuminating Love Biz Partners FB Group

  • Team calls and exclusive member Live Video trainings


We do not have monthly sales minimums, however we do have a $25 website fee that is billed annually. This is just to help you maintain the amazingness that you’re able to share with everyone! Don’t worry though. This is THE only extra involved.

From day one you are eligible to:

~Make 22% of the commissionable value of all products you sell

~Receive a 15% discount on all personal CBD consumable product purchases. And - this discount goes UP as you rank advance! All the way up to a 30% discount!

~Grow a team of your own from inviting your friends to join you

~Earn FREE product credit every month

~Earn FREE prize incentives posted monthly by me!


As you rank advance within our team, you will earn once in a lifetime bonuses as well as residual income team volume bonuses.


Ready to join Team Illuminating Love?

You can head straight to my Illuminent website and click on the partnership tab. We have various kits you can view and choose from and an incredible WHY ILLUMINENT video for you to watch to plug into the incredible family culture we have created and connect with real people who have had their entire lives changed my Illuminent CBD.