Ahhh yes, now it is time to take the leap!

I’m incredibly honored you have chosen to work with me on your journey to Love.

It’s time to calm that central nervous system, decrease all that pain, and find vitality for life again.

I highly suggest you stay consistent in your journey with CBD. You need to use it daily for minimum 1-3 months. You may find relief right away and you may need a few weeks to find the right serving size for you. Either way, set the expectation for yourself that your endocannabinoid system needs time to return to balance. It did not unbalance overnight so it is hard to expect any kind of magic band aid overnight when trying to balance from the inside out.


You may choose to purchase retail or via subscription. Retail orders will be full priced items, regardless of what you choose.

If you want to commit to your health and really go on a journey with me, I suggest choosing our subscription option.

Orders $112 or more on a subscription will give you a 10% discount and free shipping. These are monthly or every other month orders.

If you are choosing not to set up a subscription and only wish to order retail you may do so by following the same instructions below, but instead of adding your items to subscription you will add them to the cart and check out.

If you are ordering a 10ml sample for the 7 Day CBD Challenge, you will be ordering retail and not subscription. Please make sure to message me once you order so that I can ensure you are inside of my free FB community where the challenge is held during the last 7 days of every month.

To learn more about the 7 Day CBD Challenge, click here.



Steps to place your subscription order:

  1. Visit my Illuminent Shop below and click on ‘Shop’.

  2. Click on the category of product you are looking for.

  3. If applicable, choose flavor of product by clicking it.

  4. If applicable, change the strength of the product to the one you want.

  5. Click ADD TO SUBSCRIPTION. If you click ‘Add to Cart’ you will not receive your discounts.

  6. Fill out the next screen. Choose today’s date as your next ship date. Choose monthly, or every other month. Choose VIP Free Shipping. Fill out your address and billing info.

  7. Click ‘Save Subscription’.

  8. If wanting multiple products or need to choose another product to reach the $112 subtotal, click ‘Continue Shopping’ or go back to the main website. Follow all the steps again. Repeat as needed for everything you want on subscription.

    *We run subscriptions throughout the day in batches. So as long as you choose the same date for shipment for each item you choose, your entire order will process as one transaction and you will receive a confirmation email stating your discounted charges. You will also receive a second email when your items ship.


After you place your first order with me whether retail or subscription, you will have a portal you can log into where you can track shipments, cancel subscriptions, add new orders, change flavors, etc.

To log into this you will visit:


Curious to know if becoming a partner is right for you?


Need more help? Or want to be plugged into my free community on FB?

Contact me directly by clicking here or using the Contact Kelly button at the bottom of the page.